Wires & Wood 


Our two CDs are available as digital downloads from iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon. If you’d like a “real” CD, click the Contact tab and let us know what you need. 


1. This World is Not My Home

2. What a Wonderful World

3. Wayfaring Stranger

4. I Am the Man, Thomas

5. Man Looks on the Outside

6. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

7. Bare Hands

8. Talk About Suffering

9. Martha and Mary

10. There is a Reason

Bonus Track: Coming Back to the Rockies


1. Bluestone Mountain

2. Paul and Silas

3. Leftover Biscuits

4. Another Night

5. I’d Miss You

6. Randall Collins

7. Wires and Wood

8. Box Elder Beetles

9. Second Wind

10. Talk It All Over With Him

11. Everybody’s Reaching Out for Someone

12. Love Someone Like Me

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